Friday, September 19, 2008

In Which He Ceases to be Lazy... Sort of

Basically my brain exploded for a long period of time (till about April to be perfect) from the torture of a poorly run Colour Theory class, a Graphic Design class that did most everything except graphic design, an Art Crit class that had amazing potential then got weird and I stopped waking up, and finally a directed study that crashed and burned kind of quickly. It's an unfun long story of which I'm still dubious of the final portion. Regardless, I eventually pulled myself out of the colour theory busy work and actually did stuff I wanted to do. Here we go.

So that's everything that was scan-able from the past several months. I have a couple paintings in the works, but my scanner is more than a bit too small for them and my camera more than a bit not too good. And in theory some holiday cards for sometime next month.

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