Monday, October 6, 2008

The scanner has had enough of my mess or so it seems. It turns on and all that, the computer even recognizes it for a few moments. Then nothin'. I dunno.

I did get one last thing scanned.

I love love love Winged Victory of Samothrace. (that's what that the painting is of, if you were unaware) Something about the idealism and established terms of beauty is comforting. I dunno. I long to see it in person, though I may have. But going through the Louvre at age 5 didn't leave me with many specific memories.

Since the great scanner crash of last week I've made one more painting thing. It was done in a wonderful blur of spur of the moment type drawing.

I'm so pleased with it. Other tossed around tag lines were, "Beards: Making your moustache less creepy" and "Beards: Making you more awesome since puberty"

Those took up too much space so, I'm fine with what I've got.

And finally, today I make the first "entries" (?) into an artbook exchange type deal with this awesome person here. I'm all kinds of excited. All kinds.

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