Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Yesterday, Leslie and I went to the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston and were delighted with many great works of art. The whole reason we went was because of this, if you're going on the Asbury Art Department New York Trip you will find a severe lack of works by Monet and other impressionists at the MET. That's because they're all here. We spent most of the day in that exhibit but made it to one about ancient arms and armor, another about latin american art which was quite amazing, and then saw this strange digital art piece which seemed delightful and happy and at a random point had decapitated heads and the like. All in all it was a wonderful day. I got to see Claus Oldenburg sketches as well as one of his large sculptures, a big white soft fan or Ghost Fan. I also almost tripped on the guard rope than was mid-shin in height and knocked over several thousand year jar. Yikes.

Today, Leslie and I should be going to the Okay Mountain Gallery in downtown Austin. Sadly we weren't here Saturday or else we would've seen Peter & the Wolf there along with other quite fun musical acts. Ah well, it still looks pretty good.

We never made it to the Okay Mountain Gallery. We did however make it down to South Congress to see the Avenue Gallery, a darling little (really little) gallery in between two much larger stores. I got it mixed up with a near by store and almost passed it by. Thankfully Leslie didn't. We found some rather amazing things inside. I got a piece of original art by Sam Hunt. It was pretty awesome.


Wyman said...

Give me an overall opinion on the MFA in Houston. I still haven't gone and want to know how worth it I would find it, and how boring it would be if I brought someone who didn't really like art that much.

jade said...

I wish I could take a break from watercolor. But I currently have an 86 in the class, and it's because I am missing 7 paintings. Lewis said he'd bring my grade up if I could produce 7 paintings over spring break, which I would really like to do... but I also have those 3 for Thursday... so that's 10! Ha! Blah.
Someday I'm going to make it down to Houston and see all the Monets. But one thing the New York trip does have is Starry Night.... ;D