Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Long Awaited (by me at least) Bird Series

The first three birds in the Bird Series are all kinds of done. I tried to say that several days ago, but I think I managed to delete the post as I published it. A rare feat to be sure. Any way, here is the link type business to the album of all the birds on flickr. Yay. Okay, well the internet still hates me so for now here is the url, woo:

The actual images will come at a later date, guh.

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jade said...

So far we're not entirely sure what's going on yet. We have lots of plans, and as far as I know the only people really in on it thus far are me, Jenae, Brian Brown, and I think Jodie. Possibilities include meetings to discuss art, critiquing work (REAL critiques), starting communal projects, and maybe eventually a publication (student run, of course - more like Le Merde than the Review). We mostly just want the art department to become more involved in the college, or to get more recognition. Oh, and we also discussed maybe sometime next spring having an arts festival on the green or something. So yeah, we're pretty excited. I'll let you know more as we discuss things... I'm so happy you're excited too!